Episode 1

A: “I’ll see you soon.”
C: “Everyone’s so beautiful…”

Episode 2

A: “I want to see you!”
C: “Let’s do it all!”

Episode 3

B: “Well…”
A: “I wonder.”

Episode 4

C: “Make coffee.”
A: “You’re hurting my arm…”

Episode 5

A: “Only Koh.”
A: Cover him with a blanket.

Episode 6

B: “He’s sweet.”
B: “I’ll walk you home.”

Episode 7

A: “You did nothing wrong.”
A: “You can’t just decide that.”

Episode 8

B: “Ask them to Black Ship?”
C: “I was enjoying the view.”

Episode 9

C: “Make something with me in mind.”
B: “To remember today by.”